Henry Fong Award for Global Citizenship and Peace

Each year, the INU recognizes an outstanding student within the INU network who exemplifies a person committed to the concept of global citizenship. The INU defines global citizenship as the awareness of the world as a global community and the recognition of the rights and responsibilities of citizens within it. This award is possible due to generous contribution of Dr. Henry Fong Yun-Wah, a prominent Hong Kong business leader, philanthropist and Honorary Doctor of Letters at La Trobe University in Australia.

The award comprises a scholarship to study for a maximum of one semester at another INU member university and a stipend of $2,000 (USD) to support travel costs and living expenses.

The exchange semester should be a non-degree semester on the undergraduate level; the awardee cannot get his or her degree from the hosting INU university.


Applicants need to complete and submit the following:

  • Essay: In an essay of no more than 1,200 words participants are asked to reflect upon and demonstrate their personal understanding of the concept of Global Citizenship, drawing upon the contents of the seminar and personal reflections. The essay should refer to sessions, provide examples from the exercises and discussions they have been involved in, and demonstrate their commitment to global thinking/understanding/action.
  • Host University: Applicants should identify the INU university at which they would like to study for an exchange semester. They should also identify courses in which they are interested.
  • CV: Applicants are asked to enclose their curriculum vitae (resume) and contact details.

All documents must be presented in English.

The essay, host university, courses of interest, and CV (resume) should be submitted via email to the INU Office.


Full-time students at INU member universities with a good knowledge of English, who attended the Student Seminar on Global Citizenship and Peace.


A selection committee consisting of INU academics teaching at the INU Student Seminar will be responsible for selecting the award winner. The selection will take place in September of the current year. The name of the Award recipient will be published in October.

2021 Henry Fong Award winner, Kasane Sako, Hiroshima University (Japan).

Kasane said “I am very honored to be chosen for this award. I gained a lot of knowledge and learned various opinions based on different points of view through the INU student seminar. This experience enabled me to think about the world’s disparity more seriously than ever. I want to make the most of this wonderful opportunity to practice what I learned and contribute to rectify the world‘s disparity.  I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the seminar.”

Alanna Deborah

2019 Henry Fong Award winner, Alanna Letedara,  student at Parahyangyan Catholic University, Indonesia.

Alanna said “Winning the 2019 Henry Fong Award is an absolute privilege that I am beyond grateful to receive. The opportunity to be immersed in an enriching cross-cultural learning experience is an entrusted responsibility that I am determined to honor by not becoming a world of one but by taking part in global citizenship. Thank you INU for investing in our future!” Alanna has expressed an interest in visiting Nelson Mandela University, South Africa, Kingston University, UK or James Madison University, USA.

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