Seed Money Fund


The INU Seed Money Fund addresses the need for INU faculty and staff to start a project of significance to network partnerships.  This is an open seed-funding call seeking creative ideas that support internationalization and global engagement within the INU.  The call is open to all disciplines and a variety of activities (i.e., not limited to research only).  Two annual awards, up to $10,000 each, are available in the Seed Money Fund. Priority will be given to projects that align with INU mission, vision, and value statement.


Why apply

Because the success of the INU depends upon successful partnership activities among members.


Who can apply

Faculty or staff members from an INU institution.  The Network encourages collaboration among two or more INU members.  A member institution can submit multiple applications.


How to apply

Complete the application form.


Funding amount

Two annual awards, up to $10,000 each


Submission deadline

October 31 to be considered by the selection committee before the end of the calendar year.


Seed Money Fund period

Up to one year.   INU makes two awards annually.  The INU budget begins January 1 and ends December 31. Regardless of the start and end date of the project, the expenditure, outcomes, and narrative reports of the results should be submitted to the INU office by December 31.


Decision criteria

The primary criterion is project alignment with the INU mission, vision, and value statements.  Additionally, project proposals will be rated based on the outcomes and potential impact.  The selection committee is comprised of three representatives of INU institutions.


For more information, contact the INU Coordinator.

2016 Seed Money Fund Recipient, INU Nursing Leadership Collaborative

2016 Seed Money Fund Recipient, INU Nursing Leadership Collaborative

Seed Money Fund Recipients

2016 INU Nursing Leadership Collaborative

2015 INU Seed Fund Recipient