We are delighted to announce that Kasane Sako, student at Hiroshima University, is the winner of the Henry Fong Award 2021.  Kasane will receive an award of $2,000 to enable her to study a semester at an INU member university. 

Kasane won the award based on her reflective essay, following the International Student Seminar for Global Citizenship & Peace which took place in August 2021.  This year, the seminar theme was on ‘Understanding Global Inequalities: Bridging the Gaps’.  Kasane commented  “I am very honored to be chosen for this award. I gained a lot of knowledge and learned various opinions based on different points of view through the INU student seminar. This experience enabled me to think about the world’s disparity more seriously than ever. I want to make the most of this wonderful opportunity to practice what I learned and contribute to rectify the world‘s disparity.  I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the seminar.”

Kasane hopes to use the award to study at Kingston University in the UK.