In March 2015, URV conducted its International Staff Week – Train the Trainers, a course on internationalization especially designed for administrative staff to provide them with the skills they need in order to give courses on internationalization to administrative staff at their own university.  This “Train the Trainers” course stems from the SUCTI (Systemic Universities Change Towards Internationalization) project which was born out of the university system’s need to adopt internationalization.  The trainers get tools and knowledge to reproduce the course URV has been offering at their own university for the past four years.  This Train the Trainers program is given at URV and other partner institutions with the aim of helping bring about systemic change towards internationalization at participants’ home universities.  A brief video recorded at the March 2015 training for representatives of SGroup European Universities’ Network is available here.  JMU staff member, Lauren Franson, attended the training.  “From identifying stakeholders and strategic partners to providing relevant and immediate resources, the training took a multifaceted approach in presenting the idea of cooperative framework for internationalization of each of our campuses. It was a training well worth attending,” said Lauren. At the last INU Council meeting, URV was asked to give this same training to INU member universities within the initiative of the INU Professional Staff Training Program – in 2016.