All INU member institutions are invited to select students to participate in the INU Student Seminar for Global Citizenship and Peace and Master’s Summer School for Global Citizenship and Peace. The deadline for submitting the registration for selected students is May 20th.Picture4

Theme: Indigenous Rights in the Global Context

Over the course of the last three decades, a global indigenous rights movement has taken shape. This movement has challenged states and intergovernmental institutions, pushing them to promote indigenous concerns, reformulate international law, and safeguard the rights of indigenous people.  However, states, intergovernmental organizations, and non-governmental actors could do much more to address the rights and needs of indigenous peoples.  During the Global Citizenship and Peace programs, students will have an opportunity to learn about indigenous people’s issues globally: economic rights of and global movements for the indigenous people’s rights, as well as to focus specifically on case studies in South Africa and South America.  The UN General Assembly role-play, on the final day of both programs, will be based on engagement with the 2007 United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.