Sixty million people in the world are currently displaced by war, conflict, and persecution.  That is the highest number since the Second World War, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).  One-third of displaced people are refugees, and half of the refugees are children (see:  A large number of refugees enter Sweden every day, the majority of them arriving in Malmö.  Facing a large number of refugees in their community, students and staff from this INU member institution started a Malmö University for Refugees initiative, “to use the power of higher education and research in support of human rights and refugees in the world.”  The university-wide program, supported by the Malmö University administration, gives students and staff the opportunity to act under the umbrella of Malmö University for Refugees.  Some of the activities under this initiative include teaching refugees the Swedish language; fundraising for the Red Cross; offering open lectures; handing out toothbrushes to refugees all over Europe; and organizing a conference focused on unaccompanied minors, undocumented migrants, and work related to anti-racism.  A number of these activities are conducted in cooperation with NGOs, the City of Malmö, and other actors.

With Malmö University for Refugees a theme of academic and civic engagement for students, faculty, and staff at Malmö University for the entire academic year, many new projects will continue to develop.

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