INU 25th Anniversary Leaders’ Summit

‘The role of Universities in internationally changing political and social contexts.’

3 – 8 August 2023


University Presidents, Vice-Chancellors, and Rectors from 11 INU member universities from around the world are invited to attend the INU’s Leadership Summit hosted by Hiroshima University, Japan from 3-8 August 2023. The Summit is held in 2023 to mark INU’s 25th Anniversary and also coincides with INU’s flagship program for students, the International Student Seminar for Global Citizenship and Peace, and the commemoration of the anniversary of atomic bomb on Hiroshima on 6th August 1945.

The theme of the INU Leaders’ summit will focus on ‘The role of Universities in internationally changing political and social contexts’, considering how universities can navigate the challenges in their political surroundings, whilst making an impact on society.  The summit will consider the integration of education and research for societal benefit, the protection of academic freedom and open debate in University settings, and threats against democracy in a global context.  What is the role of a university in peace and reconciliation?  What can Universities do, both individually and together, to advance social justice beyond their campuses?  And how can international collaborations help? Universities are regarded as key institutions in processes of social change and development. The Leadership Summit will explore the impact of education for economic, political and cultural transformation in the society.  We will examine our responsibility, as higher education institutions, to be educating students as global citizens who embrace and protect the values of a democratic society.

This summit offers a unique opportunity for University Leaders to engage with their peers on a global level, in an intimate international forum, for knowledge exchange and consolidating relationships across INU members at the most senior level.

For further information, please contact INU Coordinator