As International Student Conference 2023, hosted by Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia comes to an end, we’re pleased to share some photos which capture the amazing experience the students and workshop speakers alike have had.

The theme of the conference, “Inclusivity and Accessibility to Welfare and Sustainable Living After the Pandemic”, combined with on-site visits and Indonesian cultural elements, has created the perfect melting pot to develop build life-long friendships, gain understanding of real-world issues, develop global citizenship skills and deepening intercultural learning understanding.

Student participants, Imanuela Ekaristi and Maria Sekar Nugraheni Cahyaningtyas from Parahyangan Catholic University have documented the experience in a reflective article entitled ‘Bring Equality, Protect Humanity‘ which brings to life the essence of the student conference  and all it stands for.

International Network of Universities would like to thank Parahyangan Catholic University for offering such an incredible experience to INU member university students.

“The International Student Conference pushed me to test my existing beliefs, expand my knowledge of what I thought I already knew, cultivate the way I approach problems and solutions, and build connections with people that will leave a lifelong impact on me.”  Shukrana Shukrullah, student of James Madison University (USA)

For the full report on the International Student Conference 2023, please click here.