INU Team Award for Innovation in global engagement

Global Engagement is a core activity of INU members. Member institutions share a commitment to the development of high quality educational practices, which promote innovation, and the pursuit of excellence in global engagement.

Therefore, the INU Team award aims to promote, celebrate and showcase innovations in global engagement activities that involve groups and/or interdisciplinary teams, in keeping with INU’s mission  “To be a vibrant higher education network that combines the resources and perspectives of its members in mutual support of the advancement of globally engaged citizens”.

The award is designed to:

Recognise global engagement innovations of groups and/or interdisciplinary teams amongst INU member institutions;

Recognise and acknowledge those groups and/or interdisciplinary teams within and across INU member institutions who undertake innovations in global engagement;

Utilise the INU as a key hub and driver for the promotion of sustainable global engagement innovations.

Each year there will be one team award winner of the INU Team Award for Innovation in global engagement. The selection panel may confer ‘Highly Commended Awards’ amongst applicants when they reflect a particularly high level of innovation.