The 2019 Henry Fong Award has been offered to a student participating in the Student Seminar on Global Citizenship and Peace, hosted by Hiroshima University during 5-10 August. The award is to reward an INU student, who is contributing to the concept of Global Citizenship. The Award comprises a scholarship to study for a maximum of one semester at another INU member university and a stipend of $2,000 (USD) to support travel costs and living expenses.

Hiroshima University student and 2018 winner of the Henry Fong Award, Elahe Nassr, came to speak with students at the Student Seminar on Global Citizenship and Peace. Elahe told student of her amazing experience with the Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy, and advice on making most of the opportunity.

The selection will take place in September 2019 by a selection committee consisting of INU Academics teaching at the INU Student Seminar and the name of the Award recipient will be published in October 2019.