dianelagahnThe Academic Planning Committee selected the following participant in the 2016 INU Student Seminar for Global Citizenship and Peace as the recipient of the award.

Dianela Gahn, a sociology student at Universidad Nacional del Litoral, was a committed participant in the 2016 Student Seminar for Global Citizenship and Peace, a participant who strives to be a change agent both locally
and globally.  In addition, she wrote an essay that demonstrated her commitment to dream big while being pragmatic in addressing current global problems.  She asserted in her essay that social realities need to be viewed from the perspective of both idealism and realism: “We have to be idealistic and believe in utopias, but analyze the reality in the contexts which we are in by being strategic in our decisions, recognizing the impacts of them and working for the common good.”  Providing examples from the academic and cultural program, as well as personal interactions during the 2016 Student Seminar, Dianela emphasized the importance of principles of inclusion, equality, and shared or collaborative leadership while also acknowledging that in the context of complex global issues there are no simple or prescribed paths to solution. 

Dianela Gahn is currently studying at Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina. She identified Flinders University as an institution where she would like to spend a semester as an exchange student. Congratulations, Dianela!