Academic Planning Committees comprised of faculty members from INU institution are planning the academic content for all four programs.  The deadline for identifying students who will participate in the programs at Hiroshima University has been extended to May 15, 2015.  Flyers and application forms are available from the INU office.  Programs offered:

Student Seminar for Global Citizenship and Peace

Theme:  Gender, Peace, and Security

Dates: August 5-11, 2015

Master’s School for Global Citizenship and Peace


  • Global Governance and International Policy (International Law / Treaties)
  • Responsibility and Justice in Global Politics
  • Strategic Decision Making
  • Realizing Human Rights: The Case of ASEAN

Dates: August 4-11, 2015

Master’s School for Environmental Science

Theme: Global Environmental Sustainability – Water Quality

Dates: August 5-11, 2015

Workshop on Global Health and Nursing

Theme: Disaster Nursing

Dates: August 3-10, 2015