INU is excited to be launching its new online program for students in March 2024, Global Citizenship and Sustainable Futures; Learning for Change program.



Aimed at highly motivated students with a desire to develop as globally-engaged and socially-responsible change agents, participants will gain a better understanding and ability to address the a wide range of complex global and local challenges facing the world today.

Learning will be in collaboration with students from other INU institutions giving you the opportunity to interact with peers from across the world. The course will be fully delivered online through a mixture of pre-recorded content, live virtual sessions, and student group work/presentation.

The sessions and content will also be designed and delivered by lecturers from different INU universities across the world, providing you with the opportunity to explore different perspectives and enhance your learning experience.

As part of the program, students will complete 3 core sessions and choose 3 option sessions.

Core Sessions

  1. A critical introduction to United Nation’s SDGs
  2. How do we engage across cultures?
  3. Reflective session

Choice of electives (students will select 3 out of 6 possible options)

  1. Borders, modern slavery and human mobility
  2. Peace education and reconciliation
  3. Climate change and social inequalities
  4. Food security
  5. Gender inequality and violence against women
  6. Circular economy: production, consumption and reduction of single use plastic

Further details on the program can be found here

Applications for the program are now open!  Please contact your International Office or INU Coordinator for more details on how to apply.