INU is delighted to announce the allocation of four Researcher Mobility Awards of £1,700 to the following early career researchers.

Name of applicant Sending University Host University Department / Area of Research
Dr Aliona Yarova Malmö University Kingston University Education, creative writing and children’s literature, with current research focus:  Ukrainian children’s literature and the war.
Dr Russell Kabir Hiroshima University James Madison University Wellbeing – Psychosocial dynamics in the United States and Japan
Dr Marta Castillo González Universitat Rovira i Virgili Malmö University Impact of the spread of mobile technologies in the workplace interaction
Dr Jack Lukkerz Malmö University Osnabrück University Integrating sociological viewpoints into research on sexuality and sexual health

The researchers, who have completed their PhD within the past five years are expected to undertake the visits between May 2024-May 2025.  The visits are expected to be the beginning of bilateral research collaboration between the INU member universities’ Research Centres, with a view to expand multilaterally in future.

Many congratulations to our four awardees for 2024 and all the best for your research collaborations!