2019 International Student Conference on Global Citizenship

Global Transportation And Mobility: Attempting for A Better Living

1-18 January, 2019

Bandung, Indonesia


Universitas Katolik Parahyangan will host 2019 International Student Conference, an opportunity for students to engage in an international and cross cultural experience. Participating students will build new networks by meeting and sharing ideas with students from all over the world. All conference activities will be held in Bandung, Indonesia.

Conference theme:

Recently the world has quickly developed. It happened because of advance growth of information and transportation, which have supported global economic expansion. In this era, sustainable transport and mobility have key parts to play in fostering inclusive growth, expanding access to essential mobility of goods & services. Mobility involves more than traveling from one place to another as fast as possible using technology and transportation systems. Mobility is central to what it is to be human. It is a fundamental geographic facet of existence. Efficient and sustainable mobility can improve and boost the economy and quality of life of the community. Using renewable energy to support public and private transportation will support the existence of sustainable economic development. Good quality of transportation with low level of carbon emission, will conserve good quality of the air. Efficient public transportation system will encourage community members to decrease the intensive use of their personal vehicles. It will decrease fuels consumption. Efficient mobility in cities creates economic opportunities, enables trade, facilitates access to markets and services and makes efficient use of resources. As public transport forms the backbone of any efficient urban mobility system, adequate public transport provision helps make cities more dynamic and competitive as well as create more jobs. By considering those important roles of efficient transportation and mobility, it is clear that these issues must be examined intensively.

 The Conference will include keynote lectures, workshops, field visits, and cultural activities. Participants who attend ALL activities will be eligible to receive a certificate of attendance. This conference is equal to 3 credits, which is transferable based on student’s home university’s policy.


Any student currently enrolled at an INU university may apply to attend the conference.


Application includes:

  • Completed application form for international students
  • Support letter from student’s home university
  • Conference fee: 250 USD (see the website for the payment information)

Application deadline for international students: 1 December 2018

More information available in the 2019 International Student Conference website.