International Student Conference on Global Citizenship 2021
“Food Loss and Food Waste”

22nd July – 13th August 2021

Parahyangan Catholic University (UNPAR) in Indonesia this year is hosting a virtual International Student Conference on Global Citizenship, with the theme of “Food Loss and Food Waste”.  The programme will enable students from around the world to come together and discuss important issues around this theme, which forms part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

There will be lectures and workshops on the topic of food loss and food waste, as well as a strong focus on design thinking, Indonesian culture, and skills development (leadership, public speaking etc).

It is expected that ISC 2021 will prepare the younger generation, the successor of the civilization, to join hands together regardless of race, religion or ethnic background in overcoming the challenges of the future as true global citizens.

The programme aims to provide a forum for increased knowledge, shared experiences and broadening students’ perspectives on the issues surrounding Food Loss and Food Waste. In addition, it will enhance the soft skills of  participants as well as exposing students to the diverse cultural backgrounds to encourage dialogue and build tolerance and cultural understanding.

The event will be conducted every Thursday and Friday, on July 22 & 23, July 29 & 30, August 5 & 6, and August 12 & 13 from 18.00-22.00 (UTC+7)

If you are a student at an INU member university and would be interested in joining the ISC, please do contact the INU Coordinator ( for further information.

Students can be nominated for a free place by the International Office at their home institution.