International Student Conference on Global Citizenship 2020

The Role of Industrial Revolution 4.0 on Global Citizenship

11-18 January, 2020
Bandung, Indonesia

 Universitas Katolik Parahyangan will host 2020 International Student Conference, an opportunity for students to engage in an international and cross cultural experience. Participating students will build new networks by meeting and sharing ideas with students from all over the world. All conference activities will be held in Bandung, Indonesia.

Conference theme: The famous science-fiction film, The Terminator, describes a fictitious era in a not-so-distant future where robots and artificial intelligence entities are taking-over the earth from human domination. When the movies were first aired in 1984, the realization of such scenario was relatively slim or even non-existence. Robots and artificial intelligence technologies in 1980s were relatively on its early naissance and as such far developed into self-sufficient intelligent being. However, currently the situation for digital, robotic and artificial intelligence technologies have developed significantly, reaching to a level that a Terminator scenario might no longer be fictional.

Today, we have reached to an era of industrial revolution 4.0 where lesser or even no human involvement in the industrial system is required. Robot or other artificial intelligence entity may freely make decisions without any human participation in the decisions making process. This a step further than the process of the industrial revolution 3.0 where computers, digitalization and automation had transform production process.

In the industrial revolution 4.0, computers are connected into one another to create a network that think independently from human intervention. The Internet of Things and the Internet of Systems enabled the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the smart factory to become possible. Machines are become more intelligent as they are able to access more information, the production line become more efficient and efficient and cleaner. A series of those intelligent machines that are connected digitally with one another and make as well as share data showing the true advantage of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

The Conference will include keynote lectures, workshops, field visits, and cultural activities. Participants who attend ALL activities will be eligible to receive a certificate of attendance. This conference is equal to 3 credits, which is transferable based on student’s home university’s policy.

Any student currently enrolled at an INU university may apply to attend the conference.

Application includes:

  • Completed application form for international students
  • Support letter from student’s home university
  • Conference fee: 250 USD (see the website for the payment information)

Application deadline for international students:

Nomination Deadline (Nomination must be done by the International Office at home university. This must only be submitted by the participants from INU member institutions): November 1st, 2019

Application Deadline (must be done independently by each participant): November 15th, 2019

For more details, check the website at