Workshop on Global Health and Nursing

2017 Workshop on Global Health and Nursing


THEME: Global Perspectives on Quality and Safety: Improving Patient Outcomes
DATES: August 4-12, 2017


2017 Workshop will focus on the following learning objectives:

  1. Apply the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) competencies to provide quality safe care.
  2. Examine national perspectives driving quality and safety to develop a global mindset for delivering quality safe care.
  3. Identify safety risks at a healthcare facility to propose solutions that improve quality care.
  4. Develop skills for clear effective communication with patients, the care team, and diverse groups.
  5. Demonstrate cultural sensitivity in all interactions with patients, the care team, and diverse groups.
  6. Identify the interprofessional roles and responsibilities in delivering safe quality care.
  7. Demonstrate a variety of educational strategies for developing global safety ambassadors.
  8. Apply reflective practices to develop mindful self-awareness.


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Program Overview

The INU Workshop on Global Health and Nursing is an eight day long program for nursing students who are interested to learn about global perspectives on quality and safety care for the purpose of improving patient outcomes. Scheduled to take place concurrent with the Peace Memorial Ceremony on August 6, the workshop includes expert speakers from each of the universities, visits to health care delivery settings and interactive learning experiences.


Undergraduate and graduate nursing students from participating INU member universities. This program is designed for highly motivated undergraduate and graduate nursing students interested in:

  • Increasing their understanding of global perspectives on safe quality patient care, and
  • Engaging in active learning in a demanding academic and cross-cultural environment.

Application and Selection Process

Each INU member institution determines the application and selection process for students at their university. Students are welcome to express interest in participation to their INU point of contact at their home university. For more information contact the international office at appropriate institution or Dr. Vesna Hart at the INU office.


Practical Information

The course guide, reading lists and travel information for the participants will be published on this page once students have been selected and nominated by their home universities, in spring 2017.


Contact INU office: